A Story of Success

Coming from a dream and a lot of dedication a story of success called Vidraria Anchieta was created by Mr. Victório Ricardi in 1955.

He arrived in São Paulo in 1943, coming from Caxias do Sul his hometown bringing his baggage and the desire and determination of a successful entrepreneur and visionary.

In a short time, he transformed himself from an industrial machine salesman into a glassmaker, establishing a glass bottle factory which he named Vidraria Anchieta.

In a constant search for progress, he has always placed the family as a priority.

Mr. Ricardi considered his employees in the company as a big family, so those who work there for a longer time still maintains this vision of growth and progress, not forgetting the altruistic side.

All the achievements were made possible by the presence of his wife Vera Nasser Ricardi, faithful companion in every moment in life, who always gave him unconditional support.

Vidraria Anchieta is managed by its daughter Silvana Thereza Ricardi, who makes a competent, innovative and socially oriented management, with the aim of giving the best to its employees and their clientes and following this philosophy, the company continues to invest in personnel, new technologies and research and development to ensure the high quality of its products, taking into account the new market trends and the demands of its customers.

The Company

Vidraria Anchieta operates in three different glass packaging market niches: perfumery, cosmetics and food, and produces both custom bottles and standard bottles.

Several new bottles are launched annually to meet the needs of their customers in the best way.

The commitment to the environment leads Vidraria Anchieta to adopt procedures that promote preservation. In this way, it uses natural gas as fuel in its furnace and eliminates particles through a gas cleaning system, in compliance with the current environmental laws in the country.

Currently the industrial plant has a furnace with a productive capacity of 83 tons / day that supplies automatic I.S machines equipped for production in up to 4 drops.